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Robert Blackstad is the Chief Information Officer for the Law Offices of Mark A. Kirkorsky,
P.C. Robert is a licensed private investigator with BHK Investigations and assists the firm
in the location of individuals and their assets. Robert has accumulated over fifteen years of
experience in the areas of commercial and consumer collections, having worked in a collection
capacity for Metro Collections, Broadway Southwest, Perimeter Credit, Uservco, Law Office of
Charles Giles, The Enforcer Group and HPA Global Collection Agency.

Robert developed expertise in the areas of asset investigation and collections, while at the same
time gaining a thorough working knowledge of the databases, information networks and technology
necessary to support a successful collection practice. Robert joined Mark A. Kirkorsky, P.C. in
2001 and has played a major role in developing the firm's IT department and in managing all
investigative processes and techniques, as well as collection practices and compliance.
Robert supervises a staff of well-trained and highly motivated investigators and collectors
for both commercial and consumer collections.

"Many law firms are too large or are not specialized in the collections industry to offer you the expert knowledge and service you deserve. Other firms will not only offer creditor representation but may provide legal representation in bankruptcy, divorce, and criminal cases. Our office works exclusively in the collections industry to provide our clients the highest level of knowledge and expertise."